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Sisse Marie Portrait


From her first spotlight win at a national youth song competition to a celebrated 15-year music career featuring global tours, festival headlinings, platinum records, and chart-topping hits, Sisse Marie’s artistic journey was already remarkable.


Yet, her creative spirit was restless for new challenges. In 2014, a move to the US to sign a record deal unexpectedly introduced her to acting, sparking a bold career pivot. Embracing this new avenue, Sisse applied her profound musical expertise to deepen her acting performances, resulting in a captivating presence that enriched every scene.

Her dedication quickly translated into roles alongside noted directors like Deon Taylor and Zack Snyder, and appearances in acclaimed productions such as “Siren”, “Rebel Moon”, and “The House Next Door”. Sisse's versatility shines across various genres, embodying characters that blend mystery, villainy, and intensity. Off-screen, her collaborative spirit and empathetic nature forge lasting bonds with co-stars.


Sisse Marie isn’t just an actress; she’s a transformative figure in entertainment, continually evolving and inspiring.

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